NorCal Elite Investigative Services specializes in making court appearances on your behalf. We work with your lawyer to complete their trial preparation and to verify his/her information. We not only find the criminal and civil information that your attorney needs but we will testify on your behalf and are there through this difficult process. Our private investigator works closely with a number of experienced lawyers and has booked countless courtroom hours. Our investigator assists in conducting interviews, locating witnesses, taking sworn statements and photographing accident scenes and injuries.

Call NorCal Elite Investigative Services and see how having an investigator on your team to provide litigation support, activity checks, surveillance, victim/witness statements, neighborhood canvassing, evidence collection, photographic and video documentation, written and recorded interviews and statements and subpoena/court order service can make all the difference. We are here for you!

$55.00 per hour for the first 4 hours, anything after is a flat fee of $250.00