As we all know, the more information presented in court, the better. Your attorney’s job is to talk to the judge, prosecution and jury. It is important to remember that his or her role is primarily in the court room. Almost all attorneys use private investigators to access and compile evidence for their courtroom proceedings. At NorCal Elite Investigative Services we are well versed in knowing what your attorney needs and wants.

Regardless if you have hired a Criminal defense attorney, having a skilled investigator can be significant to the outcome of your case. NorCal Elite Investigative Services has an experienced Criminal Defense Investigator who is well versed in conducting a variety of Criminal Investigations in a confidential and timely manner. Currently working with multiple defense attorneys, our investigator will provide you with the intelligence, experience, and expertise needed to properly investigate your case from the perspective of the Defense.

Our investigator is extremely experienced at interviewing witnesses, becoming familiar with scenes, and knowing the facts of the case better than the other side. If you’re going to fight your case and go to trial, you need a complete investigation conducted on your behalf. There are vital witnesses that need to be found and interviewed, and various records that need to be obtained right away. Help yourself and your case by hiring an investigator who has experience and knows what he is doing.