As everyone knows, you can run – but you can’t hide! If an individual you are looking for seems to have vanished, and is not listed on a database, an investigation should be initiated. NorCal Elite Investigative Services will conduct neighborhood canvasses, conduct interviews of friends and family, check Missing Person databases, contact and maintain an open line of communication with law enforcement, and network with other Private Investigators and professionals in the field.

Any and all investigative techniques will be used so the person you are looking for can be located. Imagine you are looking for an old friend, lover or just someone special from your past. Trust NorCal Elite Investigation to find your loved one in a discreet, professional manner.

When debt collection is an issue, NorCal Elite Investigative Services will find the vital information needed for debt collection including a missing persons current address, and place of employment. One of our specialties is locating missing persons of all types. The resources we have developed through the years for locating missing persons enable us to find virtually anyone! We use a variety of methods to locate missing persons including specialized (PI Only) databases, advanced Internet searches, public records and time-proven professional investigative techniques which can often allow us to locate someone in hours — or even minutes — when others have been searching for years with no results!